NAVSEA Medallion Cost Ownership Award

Mission Ready

Rank #4 in Florida in the Top 50 Women led Businesses 2017

Our professional staff includes subject matter experts, engineers, program managers, inventory and quality assurance specialists. DMR's special expertise in U.S. Navy's Service Mine Countermeasures (SMCM), Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM), and Special Operations Fleet Support is distinguished by 20 years past performance.

Small business with Smart solutions

DMR's problem-solving and rapid response improves mission-critical support of the warfighter at the best value.

DMR's pro-active team readiness provides highly specialized technical services and hardware for mission essential maintenance repair, and modernization. 

Best Value


  • Engineering Support Services
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Acquisition & Procurement
  • Facility & Resource Management
  • Program Management
  • Hardware Fabrication & Overhaul

Resolve Issues


DMR professionals offer exceptional skills, knowledge, and past performance needed to develop government and military solutions.

SEASONED Professionals

Diverse services

DMR offers a diverse array of services to state and federal government agencies as well as private-sector customers.